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2014 Pricing

Below is a short list of our pricing for 2014. We are ultimately flexible, so if you would like a quote for a specific job, please call, email, or fill in the online form. We reserve the right to adjust the prices depending on the distance of the property from our base. **

  • Pool clean and chemical balance (LPS supplied chemicals) €35
  • Pool clean and chemical balance (Your chemicals)             €30
  • Winterise/Spring opening of your pool (multiple visits)       €150
  • Hourly rate, general                                                         €25.00
  • Phone work to French utilities etc                                       €35/hr
  • Hourly rate, specialised                                              Please ask!
  • Key holding                                                from €15 per month
  • Security visits                                            from €25, please ask!

**As a general rule, if the quickest route from 34310 QUARANTE to the destination is 20 minutes or less, the charges above apply. Over 20 minutes may increase the cost, depending on location. As an example, although Google may say that a beach villa is 20 mins drive away, the time could potentially double (or more) in Summer.


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